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"I thought you might have a… a rule against soldiers."
"No. Not at all! … Not me."


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between dawn and dusk, you were made out of miracles [x]

between dawn and dusk, you were made out of miracles [x]

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Television is way ahead of film because it doesn’t feel the need to polarize women. Male writers either want to make women the angel or the whore. Women are more complex than that.

Its 1.25 am and I am crying
About dead kids who dared to love the wrong people, or
Want to fuck them, or
Not want to fuck anyone at all.
My stomach cannot sit right after hearing it.

I am so scared.

There are too many children
Tying nooses,
Staring at knives,
Walking towards the ledge.

I know what people will say afterwards;
They always sell it the same:

1. They assume condescending tones
2. They discuss it as an ‘awful tragedy’
3. They lament the terrible shame the drove the children to it

All I hear in their words is
It is just to say: ‘this is not my doing’.

But there is so much more to depression than shame and self hatred.
They tell us, when the darkness talks to you,
Do not talk back.
But it’s so much louder when it comes from your mother’s mouth,
So much harder to ignore when it spills from the throats of your friends.
When you hear the words the darkness tells you
From the whole world it is
So much harder to convince yourself
That it is tingeing the world with cynicism
Instead of revealing the truth.
It doesn’t have to be on the news for you to know it:
Another one is made homeless
Another one is raped
Another one is murdered.
The words you start to hear:
It’s only a matter of time.

Long enough feeling helpless and you start to see:
Power is the one with their finger on the trigger.
Maybe the rest of the world is untouchable, but you -
You are not.
In this one way, you can
Call the shots.

There are too many children
Pressing blades to their skin,
Filling their throats with pills,
Stepping off cliffs and chairs and into nooses.

I am so scared, mostly because
Sometimes I am as frightened
To be in my own head as to
Be walking down the streets.

Go on, say it would be a tragedy.
Regret that we do not know we are loved.
Secretly hate us for reminding the world of something beyond yourself.
You are failing us.

You load the gun and have the nerve to call us selfish
When we pull the trigger.

You force feed the darkness within us,
Push tubes down our throats,
Let the toxins trickle down.
Then you say do not talk to the darkness –
But when we cannot spit out the poison, what do you expect?
We will choke until we drown.

- 1.25 am, August 23rd 2014 - Emma Louise (via moredistantthanstars)

Sophie Turner for Tatler UK.


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